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 by Laura of Fairy Fox Design

"You'll never be bored if you try something new, there's really no limit to what you can do." -Dr. Suess



Our Youtube Channel has a few simple goals:

#1: Give usable, gig ready designs. 3 hour face paints are awesome, but what 2 year old will sit that still right?

#2: Clear technique instruction. I want you to replicate what I am painting, not just think I am good.

#3: Short videos. I want you to get what you are looking for and no more. If there is more to say, I will make another video. 

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On Skillshare we have been given the chance to create a "classroom" environment and host a digital workshop. You have the chance to upload pictures of your work if you choose, and connect with me as a mentor in classroom discussions. Come join longer classes and really build your skills. We also have some business training available. 

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There is nothing better than a small live class! I am happy to come to you- Give me a call and lets make it happen! You are also welcome to join a workshop already scheduled close to you. Currently I have no workshops scheduled during covid pandemic.


Zoom Class

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Join an existing class- or create one just for your and your painty friends. Laura will stream right into the room with you and help you achieve your face painting dreams. Also available is one on one learning, with all the personal attention of a painting coach. For a look at current class offerings Click Here


Dear Laura

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A new advise column-style blog- Check out what others are asking- learn from their questions. Have a question of your own? Drop a letter/post card to Dear Laura, PO box 1972 Lawrence, KS 66044


Online Classes

I don't reach for my stencils very often

NEW! Now you can take classes by topic! Available on Etsy! Each class comes with unique downloads to help you make the best of your learning time. You can also become a supporting member of Fairy Fox Design- which gives you access to ALL my videos! For more info click here.