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Center for Learning

"You'll never be bored if you try something new,

there's really no limit to what you can do." -Dr. Suess

Looking for a learning community? Fairy Fox Friends is an affordable solution to the challenges of online learning. With a weekly live/recorded class and access to private facebook group- this is a great way to up your skills in a low-pressure high-fun atmosphere. Simply become a member and you will also get access to the vault of over 90 2 hour classes! Hosted on


Our Youtube Channel has a few simple goals:

#1: Give usable, gig ready designs. 3 hour face paints are awesome, but what 2 year old will sit that still right?

#2: Clear technique instruction. I want you to replicate what I am painting, not just think I am good.

#3: Short videos. I want you to get what you are looking for and no more. If there is more to say, I will make another video. 

On Skillshare we have been given the chance to create a "classroom" environment and host a digital workshop. You have the chance to upload pictures of your work if you choose, and connect with me as a mentor in classroom discussions. Come join longer classes and really build your skills. We also have some business training available. 

Learn : Classes

There is nothing better than a small live class! I am happy to come to you- Give me a call and lets make it happen! You are also welcome to join a workshop already scheduled close to you. Online alternatives powered by zoom. Currently I have no workshops scheduled during covid pandemic.

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