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When Restrictions lift...

Dear Laura, Will you still be offering full face designs once the restrictions are lifted?

Hi Deborah, Thanks for your question! We are all battling with these same questions and uncertainly. On the one hand I can wholeheartedly say ‘yes!’ I do plan to return to painting full face designs someday, but as for when, I don’t know. I do not feel hampered by restrictions so much as my own conscience. Our art is very special; the collaboration between the artist and the canvas is one of the things that keeps us in love with the art form. An artist creates connection through vulnerability—both theirs and the trusting person they paint. I can’t say how long it will be before people in general are ready to be that vulnerable again. I think private parties will come back first, and slowly we will be able to do what we did before. I pray it comes sooner rather than later. Take care! Be safe and well, Laura