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Sanitizing Brushes

Dear Laura, What is the best way to sanitize brushes?

Hi Victoria, Thanks for your question. You are actually asking several questions, and I will give you my take on all of them. What is the best way to sanitize for the painter? Any way we will actually do it! If we make an amazing plan that is so involved that we end up just rinsing in cold water, well, that isn’t the best then, right? What is the best way for killing COVID? I would say follow what they tell us for our hands-- thorough washing with hot water and antibacterial soap. What is best for your brush? This one is a little trickier. Most brush care is concerned with washing off paint, not a virus. That being said, any product made specifically to cleanse brushes is going to take good care of them. For me, keeping people safe ranks above other concerns right now, and that will cost money, and probably entail replacing our brushes more frequently because of vigorous cleaning. All that being said, ask the experts! I would talk to Jest Paint or Silly Farm. Organizations that specialize in products can also help all of us take good care of them. Thanks for caring about safety and your brushes! I hope that helps, and you are finding ways to stay creative,