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Feeling Ready to Start

Dear Laura, Love your work! U have helped me so much!Many questions here! Do you sanitize your paint and/or brushes? What is your favorite brush for linework? How long did it take for you to feel comfortable enough to start your business? Did you start doing parties before larger events? 🤔 Thank you so much for sharing UR knowledge with us! 😁 -R

Hi R, Thanks so much for all your kind words! Your questions about sanitization are what we are all thinking about right now. Before COVID, I would just follow my gut. If I painted on a person and then had a feeling that they might be ill, or weren’t very clean, I would set the brush aside or paint in a pool of hand sanitizer before letting it back in the lineup (true for sponges, too). Now as I see every business taking sanitization to the next level, it’s hard to say where that leaves us. I am working on preparing some ‘DIY face painting kits’ to sell this summer, because there is still just so much uncertainly about what is safe, and what will make people feel safe. My favorite linework brush is a #4 Round Loew Cornell 7000 series, but every brush has its own flare, and I always keep several round brushes in several sizes with me. It is important to have backups so you can be comfortable if you ever find yourself without your ‘lucky brush’! Yay! I get to tell my story! Like so many others, I started to help out at a small event, and one thing led to another until ten years ago I took the leap. I was young and new to ‘adulting'; I didn’t realize how hard what I was signing up for was. Had I looked before I leapt, maybe I would be sharing a different story right now. Feeling comfortable with a decision is so important, and it is really hard to advise since every person is different. I will say that it doesn’t need to be all or nothing. Starting a business is not as big a deal as it sounds. If you are interested, I would say go for it! When to walk out on 9-5 life and join the crazy self-employed is a whole other question. Start doing what you love. I find doing public events is a great way to pass out cards that lead to parties. The work environment is very different, and most painters find they have favorite types of events. But if you are trying to build a business any work is good work.! I am so happy I can be here and answer your questions. I hope that helps! Have a wonderful day, Laura