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Creating Unique Designs

Dear Laura,

How do you find designs for different events? I am trying to find a face paint design to use with a puzzle piece stencil that I bought. I would like to use it during the autism walkathon. -Jennifer

Hi Jennifer, What a great question! A good design hunt is always fun, and being a part of events is really special when there are people we are trying to honor or help. Thank you for your efforts! First thing I would say is that, no matter where or what you are looking to paint, the most popular designs will still probably be the most requested. If a unicorn is an option, you can expect to paint plenty of them. Painting a new, specialized design is a fun, meaningful way to add to this. When I go out looking for designs, I approach it like I was building my own block tower—as I see really cool towers I get inspiration that I can blend and change up into a tower of my own. You, as an artist, are full of your own power! Adding your own interest and creativity to a design will make it all the more beautiful. So how exactly do you do that? I will give you a tip: rose designs are awesome for stenciling! They are colorful and vibrant, there are so many to choose from, and they are the perfect shape—a circle. A quick google search for ‘rose face painting designs’ should bring up everything from full-face down to arm designs. Now take out the nice circle rose and add a circle of color (rainbow? teal?). You can do it with a dobber sponge really easily. Then stencil your puzzle shape right on top, and voila! I hope that helps, and I would love to see what you do.
Happy Painting, Laura