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Are You a Face Painter?

Face painting is a very common activity. Most people have been painted on at least once in their life and many have tried painting (and they will tell you all about it!)

But what is a Face Painter? Hobby or Professional? How long have you been a face painter? All of these questions have answers, but they can be vague. In defending myself to the public I have often wanted to hang my tax return up in my booth, since I have no diploma or other credential.

Keeping a good perspective on my identity can be hard. There is no corporate latter- I never get promoted. I can look back and see progress, but seeing where I am at and where I am going is hard!

Let me show you how I track my face painting resume- feel free to follow along:

Answer Yes/No/Sometimes or whatever is appropriate to the following:

1. Event types: Have you ever painted at:

• Birthday Party

• Wedding

• Corporate Picnic

• Holiday Party (list all that apply)

• Festival

• City Celebration

• Grand Opening

• County/State Fair

2. Locations: Have you ever painted at:

• Private Home

• In the Street

• Company

• Bank (ask me about that sometime)

• Hotel

• Restaurant

• Airport

• Cruise ship

• In a Car

• On an Airplane

• Park

• Church

• School

• Out of State- how many

• Out of Country- which ones?

• Radio/news Studio

3. Personal Records:

• Consecutive days

• Longest Day

• Shortest event

• Biggest Tip

• Smallest Tip

• Longest line (maybe you don't want to remember this one)

• Oldest Client

• Youngest Client

• Biggest family that all was painted

• Most Generations ( Someday I want a 5 generation job)

4. Accomplishments:

• Entered a Contest

• Won a Contest

• Taken a Workshop

• Taught a Workshop

• Attended a Convention

• Taught at a Convention

• Picture Tutorial

• Film Tutorial

• Seen a picture of someone copying you (in a good way)

• Made it in the news paper

• Made it on the News

• Mentioned on the Radio

• Finished a pot of Paint

• Worn out a tent

• Broken a mirror

• Facebook likes

5. Comments: When something makes you smile, write it down!!

• As good as _______. (Bob Ross- a favorite of mine)

• Better than _______. (Disney Land, and there it cost $$$)

• You make it look so easy.

• I want to be a face painter when I grow up.

Enjoy going through this list, add to it (comment on the post- we would all love to hear it!) and start building your resume- Have a bucket list and goals of things that will push you to grow. Then next time someone asks what you do for a living. . . You'll be ready.